What does A La Carte mean? Service Process of A La Carte

What does A La Carte mean

Have you ever heard of the term A La Carte? For a waiter, this is an extremely popular menu in restaurants with a simple, basic process which needs to know.

How to have the most professional service process? Join us to find out in the article below

What is the term À la Carte?

A la Carte“, also known as “À la Carte” as a French name, means “upon request”. In each restaurant, À la Carte is one of the types of menu ordering available at the restaurant. At that time, customers can choose each dishes as their favourite, that is, order any dish on the menu depending on their preferences, taste and desired quantity. For example, 5 dishes for 3 people, 7 dishes for 4 people …

What does A La Carte mean
A la carte dish

The À la Carte menu is popular in European restaurants. However, nowadays in Asian restaurants also apply this type of menu to better serve the needs of customers. Typically Asian dishes such as Vietnamese, Korean, Thai, Chinese … and often will be presented as a large portion, a dish will have 2 or 4 large portions, so when ordering, customers must self-assess accordingly. upto the taste of each person, the number of people at the table to avoid excess or shortage.

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What is the process of serving À la Carte in restaurants?

Step 1: Welcome the guests

– When guests enter the dining room, the banquet hall must be warmly welcomed.

– Ask guests to reserve tables and guide guests on tables and chairs for guests to sit. Note to speak loudly, clearly, with a professional, courteous, and friendly attitude.

Step 2: Serve guests

– Submit the À la Carte menu and suggest drinks for guests first. Introducing specials, new dishes or drinks at the restaurant. If customers haven’t got decision to order or have requests which one, they can consult dishes for guests, suggesting by introducing the origin, processing, specific flavors.

– Record orders and repeat the menu, transfer to the relevant department.

– Bring drinks that guests previously selected to serve guests (if any).

– When the dishes are ready, they need to check, correct with the requirements on the order before delivering to the customer.

– While guests are dining, employees stand to observe when guests need to change a new bowl, fork, knife or ashtray, pure more water for guests …

– Submit dessert menu and register your order.

– Check and serve desserts to guests.

What does A La Carte mean
A la carte menu serving

Step 3: Pay the bill

– Observing staff to know when a guest wants to make payment to notify the cashier in advance.

– When the customer calls for payment, the staff presents the bill to the guest and explains if the guest has any questions. Note, employees need to stand a short distance from the guest to check the bill, count the money.

– Give money to the cashier department and return the excess money to the customer with the invoice if any.

What does A La Carte mean
Customers pay for their meals

Step 4: See off guests

– Can ask customers about the quality and satisfaction level when eating meals.

– Help customers take their bags and check if customers have forgotten their items.

– Thanks guests for eating at the restaurant, saying goodbye, see them again and have a nice day.

It can be seen that À la Carte is a popular form of menu service and not too complicated at restaurants. In order to successfully complete the job, a restaurant employee needs to understand the work, responsibilities and duties to perform effectively, accurately at the assigned area and according to each type of banquet table, in order to bring to absolute satisfaction to customers.

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