What is a restaurant? Types of restaurants

What is a restaurant? Types of restaurants

What are restaurants and classifying restaurants as a basic knowledge for young people just starting to learn about F&B. The correct classification and understanding will help you orient your work accordingly to the future. These useful background insights will be provided in the following short article.

What is a restaurant?

The restaurant is a public place, provide food and drinks on a commercial basis. The restaurant is open to everyone for refreshments, food and beverages. Everyone can get food, drinks and pay. The restaurant offers food and beverage services that are expected to please guests.

Types of restaurant business

 What is a buffet restaurant?

When coming to these types of restaurants, diners will have to serve themselves by taking the food displayed on the shelves of the restaurant, choosing their favorite dishes with hot, cold dishes and kind of drink. The highlight of the self-service restaurant is the free style, comfort and price that will be fixed for all customers. The food is available on self-service restaurant shelves for easy selection.

What is a restaurant? Types of restaurants

What is a fast food restaurant?

This type of restaurant serves fast-food needs with industrial habits, popular in commercial centers and big cities. Fast-food restaurants also feature a simple menu, often focusing on a single type of food with many different ways of processing and can be taken away. Quick service is also a highlight of this restaurant.

The typical fast food restaurant for this type is McDonald’s. The brand is present in more than 118 countries with a chain of 35,000 restaurants across continents. Every day McDonald’s serves more than 70 million consumers globally.

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What is a restaurant? Types of restaurants

What is a ala carte restaurant?

This is a form of restaurant business with a very diverse menu and a variety of food and beverage categories that are listed completely so that customers can easily select dishes according to their preferences and affordability. . The customers of the restaurant who choose the food are the retail customers, visitors and non-reservation guests.

You can refer to this type of restaurant business through the Madam Yen brand – one of the most beautiful restaurants in Hanoi. This is the world of Asian dishes from Vietnam with many different prices suitable for many customers. In addition, you can join a cooking class at Madam Yen in Hanoi

What is a restaurant? Types of restaurants

What is a set menu restaurant?

Not striking the trend such as the type of buffet restaurant or fast food, the set menu restaurant (according to capitation) still has sustainable competitiveness in the restaurant business market. Customers for this type of guests are group and group guests with a large and very stable number of people due to the need for regular meetings or collective gatherings.

What is a restaurant? Types of restaurants

The business of this type of restaurant is to serve meals on a fixed menu (there will be a limit), pre-arranging the number of dishes in portions at a fixed price. Set menus can be a complete meal in a restaurant or coffee shop, usually cheaper than ordering each dish.

In theory, we classify the restaurant as above, but in fact the restaurant often serves buffet, a la carte, set menu, even fast food.

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