What to eat in Vietnam?

What to eat in Vietnam? - Must try dishes

Vietnamese food has achieved cult status around the world due to the global popularity of Pho. However, the 90+ million people who live in the Southeast Asia country eat a lot more Vietnamese foods than just Pho.

Goi Cuon

Better known as spring rolls, is a delicacy here in Vietnam, sold in almost all restaurants and street alleys. This is actually one of my favorite dishes from their cuisine. It always tastes so fresh and clean. I literally had it everyday while I was there. Their fresh spring rolls are made from rice paper, lettuce, cooked pork, shrimp, noodles, and fresh herbs. They normally serve this with a sweet soy sauce topped with roasted peanuts and chili. Delicious!

What to eat in Vietnam? - Must try dishes

Banh Xeo

This is another favorite of mine, which are more or less savory Vietnamese pancakes. The pancake is stuffed with all sorts of goodness like pork, shrimp, green onions, and bean sprouts. It is then served with a plate of mixed greens like mustard leaves, basil, mint, and lettuce, which you then use to wrap around the pancake. They serve this with a sweet and sour fish sauce that goes perfectly well with all the flavors. The crispness of the pancake also adds a nice touch.

What to eat in Vietnam? - Must try dishes


Littered in every corner and sidewalk, this Vietnamese food staple is so delicious and cheap. A hot steaming bowl of Pho would put you back $0.70-$1 from any street food vendor. The highlight of my quest to search for the best Pho in Ho Chi Minh was found after a visit to the infamous lunch lady. For those of you who aren’t obsessed with food like me, Anthony Bordain, a popular chef/travel food host has featured this small food stall, which has since gained tremendous popularity. Everyday, she serves a different kind of soup and is visited by both locals and foreigners.

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What to eat in Vietnam? - Must try dishes

Bun Cha Hanoi

Okay, now not that I was beating around the bush earlier, but this baby right here, is my absolute favorite (by this time, I think you’ve figured that I have a lot of favorites-I like food, okay!). Bun Cha Hanoi, grilled meat served over noodles with a sweet but tangy broth that you put over the noodles. Eaten with loads of herbs and other greens. A party in your mouth, I swear. I constantly moan to one of my best friends who lives in Vietnam about how I dream about this dish.

What to eat in Vietnam? - Must try dishes

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